Supports de communication Atout-Box stockage - Laura Frère graphiste
Graphic design
business card, carte de visite, flyer, location, logo, stockage
About This Project

Atout-Box is a storage box rental company based in Castelnau-le-Lez near Montpellier, and for which I usually make visual communication (see this project). Last year the company had already asked me for the creation of the visual identity of their annex company StockezChezNous (see this other project). This time, Atout-Box entrusted me with the important task of completely overhauling their visual identity, which was becoming a little outdated, and I thank them for it. For this project, it was therefore a question of creating a new logo first. I left the idea of ​​the “assets” of the tarot and therefore the world of playing cards. The logo was declined in 4 versions for the 4 colors of cards, then the visual identity was adapted on several supports: card of visit, flyer, cards, signatures, stickers. Finally, a new communication project was discussed: the launch once a month of a random draw among storage boxes, to reward Atout-Box customers loyal to social networks. A poster, a flyer and various Facebook publications have been created.