Graphiste et illustratrice freelance dans le sud de la France - Laura Frère

Hello ! I’m Laura Frère, artist and now fortune telling in the south of France.

I have always loved drawing and creating. After the baccalaureate, I was looking for a job that could be both viable and creative. I followed studies in graphic design and web design to have skills in the entire communication chain. My independent character quickly made me want to start my own business. For 9 years I was a graphic designer for companies in various sectors. In parallel, I continued to create personal illustrations for fun, and recently put these on print-on-demand sites. Now I indulge in a new passion: fortune telling. I also created my own tarot deck which can be seen on my Instagram account. This vocation combines my passion for ideas, symbols, images and the need to feel useful. I used to use pictures to get ideas across, whether they were mine or not, now these are pictures on cards that help you get messages across. I am fully happy and fulfilled in this new activity.